Why Enspire?

A loyal customer recently asked me for a summary of Enspire Partners' capabilities so she could tell some of her colleagues about us.  The bullet points below highlight the reasons many of our clients work with us.

We are the most experienced JD Edwards staffing firm in the United States.

Our leadership team has worked exclusively in this domain for the last 17+ years.  Our span of customers includes over 100 end-client firms running Oracle software, other Oracle Business Partners and Managed Services firms supporting EnterpriseOne and World clients.  We are the only JD Edwards staffing company that regularly exhibits and presents at Collaborate. 

Enspire Partners has been in business since 2011.  We are an Oracle Business Partner headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

We combine Business Partner experience with staffing firm pricing and flexibility.

We fit into a niche between Business Partners who sell project/integration services and traditional IT staffing firms.  Traditional Business Partners are expensive and want to “own” your project and change your processes.  Traditional staffing firms do not understand JD Edwards’ requirements and talent.  We do.

We offer turnkey services in the JD Edwards staffing arena – providing both experienced contractors and perm/direct employee candidates.

We are happy to staff your contract, perm or contract-to-hire needs.  You keep our contractors only as long as you need them.  Our perm candidates come with an unconditional 90-day guarantee.

No one owns all of the talent in the JDE marketplace, but we are very well-connected.

Most Business Partners win your business by presenting their best people, but they staff your project based on who is available from their bench.  We are talent focused (working with JDE Applications, Development, CNC and Leadership candidates), but we do not payroll a bench.  Our approach is to connect you with the best talent available in the marketplace when you need them.

We typically bill our clients $20-25 less per hour than other Oracle Business Partners, sometimes for the same resources.

Because of our lower overhead approach, we charge $20-25 less per hour than other Business Partners for similar services.  (Surprisingly, we also are able to pay our consultants more.)  We know this to be true because other Business Partners often engage our contractors and re-brand them to their customers with no additional value in their markup.

Working with us does not require exclusivity, and we appreciate competition.

Most of our clients blend our services along with a traditional Business Partner (or a Managed Services provider) to get the best coverage for their needs.  We want to give you options without wasting your time.  In the end, you should select the best resource for your opening.

We also can help in other areas.

JD Edwards is an area of specialty of ours, but our recruiting team also is experienced in related areas like infrastructure, support, custom development/testing and Business Intelligence.