Sometimes You Need a Pro

Before today, I had fished Lake Lanier (here in Atlanta) with very little success.  I filled up a tackle box with lures, watched Youtube videos and spent a lot of time on the lake, but basically had been shut out. No doubt, I had been more successful on a one-acre pond my mom owns. 

As the busiest lake in Georgia, I was convinced Lake Lanier was "fished out".

But today was totally different. We loaded up our boat with fish. Were we lucky or had we become great fisherman overnight?  

No.  We hired a professional guide.

Mack Farr has been a fishing guide on Lake Lanier for more than 30 years.  In fact, he he has never had another job!  With him as our guide, less than a minute into our first cast, we were pulling 8-10 lb. fish out of the lake.  After three hours, three of us had caught almost 150 lbs of fish. 

You would think if you "teach a man to fish" he would learn to fish the same way with the same results next time, but in this case, I don't think so. "Captain" Mack has exactly the right equipment for what he does (much is his own branded merchandise). But even with identical tools, I probably would strike out again if Mack wasn't in the boat with me showing me exactly what to do.

The life lesson is that, to be successful, sometimes you need to hire a pro.

  • If you want to catch fish, don't hire me. You need a pro like Mack.
  • If brain surgery is required, I definitely am not your man.
  • But, when you need to hire ERP consultants (or you are an ERP consultant looking for a job), you should call Enspire Partners.