With the delivery capabilities of an ERP professional services organization and the agility of a high volume staffing firm, Enspire Partners is uniquely qualified to assist you with all of your ERP upgrade, staffing and project needs.

As an IT Manager your have various ERP resources at your disposal:

  • Your In-house IT Team
  • Consulting Company
  • Generic IT Staffing Firms
  • Outsourced Solutions
  • Enspire Partners

Each of these groups has strengths and weaknesses.  The best approach usually is a blend of resources to leverage the positives of each type.

Your In-house IT Team certainly will contribute to most projects.  No one understands your business processes better than them, and they should help manage the process.  You engage external vendors to bring additional ERP expertise and facilitate scalability and agility.

Consulting companies should bring strong content knowledge and the project management oversight to lead the project. However, they are the most expensive option and working with them usually requires surrender of project control and processes. They have no interest in helping you fill perm positions on your team.

Generic IT staffing firms are a necessary evil for companies needing talent, but they do not understand ERP requirements and people. Generally, they will be no more effective than your HR department in recruiting ERP talent.

Outsourced solutions and managed services companies are a good solution for handling system support and well-defined development activities.  Their one size fits all approach will demand flexibility by your users, and working with them requires giving up control of many of your core processes.

Enspire Partners has the experience and agility to contribute in most project settings.  Whether you need a specialist consultant or want to hire strong contributors to your team, we will give you options. Enspire Partners leverages our personal relationships within the ERP community, but we don't need to "own" your project or change your processes to help you - and we don't mind competition!

We focus on providing superior talent at rates you can afford. We run a lean organization, enabling us to highly compensate our consultants while maintaining a rate structure below that charged by firms with higher executive burden, more generic staff and overhead.

We match you with...

  • the best people
  • working under your direction
  • when you need them.